Concept of Happiness

One therapeutic day a few months back, at the Singapore Art Museum, being awed by random displays like these.

And so says this is happiness. People can make elusive depictions of what happiness is. But bring it down a level, it is just the light and bouncy feeling in your heart that triggers a smile or two. I’m sure everybody has their own list of random happenings that make their day, that they can call it to be their own “Happiness” list.

You know, you can choose to be happy. It is always up to you. If you are feeling down, you can go to the park to fly a kite, visit the zoo to watch adorable animals, or plan an overseas getaway. There are plenty of ways to make yourself feel better momentarily. What about the long term, you ask? Do not worry, as time will heal all wounds and you will feel better in time to come, before you know it.

So don’t give yourself any more excuses. Happiness is always waiting for you to pick it up. I assure you that you can definitely be happy. So go for it. 🙂