Farms In Snapshots

I had fun at some farms at Choa Chu Kang the other day with my friends. I guess Singaporeans familiar with the farms in that area can straight away pick out which farms these pictures are from.




That was Hay Dairies. I went in the afternoon and the milking time (9am-11am) was already over, so there was not much to see there. A 5 minutes walk around the area ended our walk. We didn’t get any where near the goats too, thus the distant pictures.

It was kind of smelly There was this prominent smell of natural excretion, and this is what makes the goat farm what it is. You can spot the two goats turning to look at me to pose for the picture on the second picture, and this mild act of theirs is almost enough for me to squeal in delight about how adorable and responsive these goats are. Nonetheless, the owners seem to be passionate in maintaining the farm and all the goats seem to lead decent lives.

A 200ml of goat milk (in either original or chocolate flavour) costs $2. I could treat myself to one once in a while.

Take bus 975 from Choa Chu Kang bus interchange and get off at the stop after Lim Chu Kang Lane 4. A short 2 minutes walk will bring you to the farm. The bus ride took about 20 minutes.




Qian Hu…. There is a great variety of fishes there. More of domestic fishes though. But there’s this polka dot stingray there too which I didn’t manage to get a picture of.

Visiting Qian Hu brought back some of my childhood memories. I’ve gone there in Kindergarten before for net fishing. My family went through this phase where we were mildly obsessed with fishes, and we used to have Luo Han fish (with hopes that we can pick out the 4 digits to strike 4D) and Beta fish (better known as fighting fish in Chinese). Ah, those were the days where I as a child would stand in front of the fish tank for hours on end, transfixed on the fish’s every movement and every facial expression. Yes, my fishes did follow my fingers as I trace them across the tank.

You could spend a hour there if you’re a serious fish lover just counting the number of different colours of the fishes you saw there.

Take the free shuttle bus to Qian Hu fish farm from Choa Chu Kang interchange. (Yay! Well, it is a listed company after all.)




Did you get this right? Farmart, yes.

That mountain goat busy munching on the vegetables would be unmistakable. Though I must admit that the toads and rabbits there ain’t so iconic. Animals, animals, where do I start? Let’s just say that the farm could do with some pigs. Some horses. A scarecrow and a few farmers dressed in overalls. A few of Charlotte’s webs. Fine, it is called Animal Corner for a reason. The animal corner at Farmart may just be nothing compared to a real farm, but it’s enough to make me feel like a child again. Because humans, animals and nature were meant to coexist. I think the classes of kindergarten students at the farm contributed to this feeling, too.

There was practically nothing worth looking at the row of shops though.

Take the bus to Farmart at the bus stop diagonally across Lot 1, under the MRT track. $1 for a one-way ride.



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