For The Love Of Nyonya Laksa And The Lemak Gravy

Eating a bowl of noodles in such a unique broth (I couldn’t even find a word to substitute laksa) with a spoon is something that you do when you eat nyonya laksa.

All in the name of For Convenience’s Sake. Can I suggest that a bigger spoon be used? It’s so yummy that I wished I could swallow them in bigger gulps.

In Singapore, we call them katong laksa though, because a lot of them are located in the katong area, where nyonyas used to reside at. I’ve tried three of them – one at Roxy Square, one just opposite Roxy Square and one at Jalan Besar.

Laksa is one of my favourite local delicacies in Singapore. I eat them really often but sadly, a lot of laksas don’t make the mark. I’m looking at you, air-conditioned food courts. I recommend these three and Toast Box also serve decent laksa, but the standard of it seems to vary from day to day.

A picture speaks a thousand words, so I’ll leave you to judge which laksa is more enticing for you.

Janggut Laksa

Find this at No. 50 East Coast Road #01-64 Roxy Square, they say that this is the real original Katong laksa! There are two other outlets at Queensway and Bedok.

I went there on a Monday afternoon at lunchtime and we ended up sharing seats with other strangers because there were a lot of others enjoying this bowl of laksa too. It’s a small portion so you could go there for high tea if you’re hungry in between meal times and you can easily find seats during off-peak hours.

Pardon me for my use of layman terms to describe what my five senses feel when savouring good food, I’ll never be a decent food critic.

The laksa broth was just plain aromatic and fresh. You decide how much chilli you want to put into the laksa, but otherwise it is really not spicy AT ALL. It’s really sweet and aromatic and I didn’t even leave behind a single drop – I licked it all off. Even after adding the chilli, it’s not really very spicy.

All nyonya laksa lovers should try this!

Sungei Road Laksa

Find this at Blk 27, Jalan Bersah #01-100 Jin Shui Kopitiam, it’s beside the Sheng Shiong supermarket.

Food cooked under charcoal fire always taste better than under a gas stove – all other things equal. That’s how the people at Sungei Road laksa do it, and they did the charcoal fire justice.

Fresh succulent cockles.

What wins me over is how they got it to be exactly just nice. The appropriate thickness of the laksa broth, the fresh ingredients, the right combination of spicy and sweetness, the cute uncle at the stall.

The serving is very generous for the mere price of $2. But price aside, this laksa tastes the best among the three according to my personal preferences.

I’ll be back!

328 Katong Laksa

Most people know katong laksa by this stall. It was also the first store that I tried. Find this at 51 East Coast Road, it’s just opposite Roxy Square.

It was nice, the broth is decent and the chilli is the most spicy among the three that I tried. The ingredients are not extremely fresh, but decent. It’s the most expensive among the three, but the serving is slightly bigger.

It won me over when I first tried it. Definitely it is one of the better ones in Singapore, make no doubt. But it pales in comparison to others that I tried and it didn’t seem so special anymore.

It is worth a try, and having Gordon Ramsay lose to 328 Katong Laksa in the Hawkers’ food challenge says a lot about the quality of the food there.

There is plentiful of seating space and it is air conditioned. I’ll go in to satisfy my laksa craving if I’m in the area.

They have a lot of other outlets too, check them out here!



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