Singapore Fashion, 60s Style

A typical cat eye lady outfit

Mandatory hair setters!

Which cloth is rockin’? I know they all looked the same but they actually range from Satin to Silk to Denim to many others

I find this bridal gown pretty cute eh.

The clothes back then have had proper packaging…

Lace in detail

One out of the many exhibitions in the beautiful National Museum of Singapore.

I like such 60s/70s/8s style in Singapore back then. There are so many layers to an outfit and everything is themed. The colours are bright and cheery too! I can’t put a finger on why vintage clothes look so pretty but they just do, even in their supposedly unflattering big cuttings. And clothes are tailored. Hey, I could have looked so good back then.

If I just believe in reincarnation then maybe I can take comfort in the fact that I might have been one of those young women in the 60s Singapore before, maybe slightly affluent and able to afford all these fancy fashion. Hey, I’ve probably been part of this too. That’s good to know.


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