Walter’s Singapore

This particular exhibition is at the Singapore Art Museum too.

Who are you? Why are you lying in the middle of a random grass patch? Why is your head tilted towards your left?

Walter visiting an old shop house. You would never expect him to park himself right at the entrance of the shop.

And… Walter goes to many other different places. He looks really good in all the pictures, so buoyant yet soft.

What to say, what to say! I think all the art displays and exhibits pertaining to Singapore and belonging to Singapore artists are really the ones that wow me at the museums as I could connect with them on a whole new level. Seeing art depictions of the soil that you are stepping on is really different from seeing those of other countries that you have only heard in name about.

Walter is the star here. I do think that conserving the old buildings and playgrounds has been quite a hot topic in recent years. Since last year, me and my friends actually started going on exploration trips to old shop houses, playgrounds waiting to be demolished, old abandoned parks past its’ grandeur. Many pictures of these old remaining places in Singapore can actually be found in a lot of places. But putting the Walter balloon in all these places makes it different. These places looked how it usually looked but Walter seems out of place, almost like crashing into the previous era. But it’s adorable look and perplexed, curious expression does give you comfort, as if telling you that the young is there to visit the old, to care for it, shelter it.



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