Unseen Sunset




Here’s Punggol Waterway on a wet, rainy day for you. It’s still beautiful. Perhaps it is because Punggol Waterway has always been a very serene place to me, so I don’t feel the jovial mood whenever I get there. Which I suppose, might be bad afterall.

The rain has ruined my plans, of getting across the red bridge ( I only went halfway, to take shelter. And I heard it’s beautiful on the other side. ), going on a bike ride, standing at the sunset bridge to watch the sunset and take beautiful photos everywhere which is impossible without the good lighting.

But admist the rain I still managed to have a couple of good laughs, eat a good dinner, lose myself in a lalang field. I’ll be contented with my day and hey, the Punggol Waterway on a rainy day isn’t so bad afterall, is it?


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